Hungry Arts employs a core team of specialists on a regular basis.
We also work with a team of professionals and volunteers drawn from the local communities, educational and arts organisations. 

The core team:

Douglas Hunter, Hungry Arts ' Festivals Director

Douglas Hunter is a New Zealander based in the United Kingdom. Co-founder of Hungry Arts, Douglas has worked in arts and entertainment for the past 35 years. He started his working life as the founder and programmer of The Floyd, the first contemporary live music club in Canberra.

He subsequently has produced and promoted multiple large scale, outdoor music concerts across Australia; seasons at international arts festivals featuring stand-up comics, world music bands, burlesque performers, and new circus; and additionally, has managed a number of comics and musicians, including Sony Music Triple Platinum recording artists.  

He has a degree from the Australian National University in Theatre Studies and Linguistics.
Contact details :
Telephone: +44 7758 279 341
Rosalind Green, Director, Hungry Arts

Ros has been working in the arts since the late 1980's. She started her working life running a fringe theatre in London, then migrated first to Edinburgh. and onwards to Melbourne, Australia where she stayed put for 10 years as Creative Director of an international touring and management company that worked with a wide range of performers from the UK, Australia, Brazil, Tonga, Malta, and Scotland.

Since returning to the UK in 1999, she has devided her time between her academic research on the UK Gypsy Roma Traveller community (including a PhD at the University of Essex), her work as a freelance arts and communications consultant, and the establishment and development of Hungry Arts as an innovative diversity arts organisation that seeks to make a real difference to people's lives.
Contact details :
Telephone: +44 7913 061 948

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