The Gypsy Arts Festival celebrated the rich contemporary and traditional Gypsy Roma Traveller culture through the arts. Balkan Gypsy bands, Spanish Flamenco dancers, Rajasthani Gypsy fakirs, traditional UK step-dancers, Scottish Traveller storytellers, Gypsy Roma Traveller visual artists, filmmakers and photographers, plus traditional crafts people set against the background of iconic painted wagons, gathered together in a variety of venues across the UK.

The Gypsy Arts Festival crossed generations, challenged stereotypes, and threw an excellent party wherever it went. Each festival was different thanks to support from the local Gypsy Roma Traveller communities.

At present there are no plans to stage any other Gypsy Arts Festivals in the near future. 


Gypsy Arts Festival - Scotland, part 1
Gypsy Arts Festival - Scotland, part 2

Festival website:

Gypsy Arts Festival

Hungry Arts